TNTP 12: I Am At Least As Mature As You


Special Note: This will be the last podcast available from this site. We are now moving to Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

This week we discuss our new website, how to contact us, our adventure filled week, the fact that some people suck, and we cover Week 12 in the Disaster Preparedness Checklist.

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TNTP 11: Pickels and Pork Burgers


This week is all about the random. We discuss our week at the Home Show, local businessman and letters to the judge, Tony rants about lying city employees and being bored at college, and the disaster checklist continues with Week 11.

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TNTP 10: A Perfect Ten


To celebrate our tenth episode we present ten top 10 lists.

  • Our life goals

  • Our favorite movies

  • Our favorite fiction

  • A couple of humorous lists

We also read week 10 in the Family Disaster Kit calendar.

I have done some playing with the audio. Please let me know if you notice a difference, good or bad.

Thanks everyone for listening.

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TNTP 09: I Won’t Drink Bleach


Sorry if we’re a little off tonight. Tony’ is apparently still recovering from too little sleep this weekend. Tonight we talk about our attempts at physical comedy; read a newspaper article about a $50,000 check from God and a also read a djoke about a bear; discuss Tony’s trip; recommend MegaBus; and read week 9 in the Emergency Kit checklist.

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TNTP 08: No Shoes, No Flashlight, No Emergency


This week: Feedback from last week; moving offices; Medicaid (and how Tony scared clients thereof); 100 year old jurer; Beauty and the Geek finale; Treva’s mom; The American President and The West Wing; The Freedom Writers; and Emergency Kit week 8.

Thanks for listening!

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TNTP 07: Face Down Snow Angel


This week we read listener feedback; discuss the crappy snow storm; our Valentine’s Day; the BATG final; Snow Emergencies; and Week 7 of the Emergency Preparedness calendar.

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TNTP 06: I NEED Coffee


We had a few techical difficulties and I got to practice my editing skills. Enjoy the results.

  • Welcome back returning listeners
  • Tony hates snow, Treva loves it… she’s nuts (can you tell who writes the show notes?)
  • Subway madness
  • Accidental mailing
  • Netflix Streaming
  • BATG: Down on the farm
  • Disaster Kit week 6
  • Bonus Outtake: because my mad editing skillz are on vacation

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TNTP 05: The 5th Time’s A Charm


Hey everyone. We decided to record this afternoon so you’ll get this at a reasonable hour instead of sometime post midnight. Here’s what we discussed this week.

  • It took us 5 tries to get the intro right.

  • A big thanks to Chris from the Richmond News Review for his mention of our podcast. If you live in the Richmond/Wayne county area, check out his cast.

  • Our week pretty much lacked in fun and excitement.

  • Treva is apparently not a person.

  • Reality TV: Quick BATG recap; Armed and Famous is on highatis(SP?)

  • Some humor: Odd product labels

  • Disaster kit week 5

  • How to subscribe to a podcast

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Small Change


I have removed the Podtrac measurement redirects from the files. Apparently they may have caused issues with feedburner subscriptions and also, my reports hadn’t been updated in quite some time and I know people had been listening. If you experience any duplicate downloads, or inconvenience, I sincerely appologize. I’ll just have to use my server stats to figure out how many of you are listening.

CBS Cancels ‘Armed and Famous’


From the Pal-Item, via the Muncie Press, via Variety. Armed and Famous Canceled.’. Mind boggling. I realize it’s all about ratings, but you’re upset that you were 4th. Out of how many different programming options?

True, 4th is almost last when you consider the execs only caring about the ‘big 5’ or really, ‘the big 3’ (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX and the CW if they’re feeling generous). You know. If they embraced IP-TV options, including leaving the comercials in, people could watch all the shows they liked. Get a clue TV execs, try a new medium of distribution in addition to what you’re all ready doing. Log the downloads, and get a true picture of how many people are watching your programming.